Regier and Collins Sculpture in ‘Watchmen’


Sphere, Dave Regier.  Hemisphere, Arlie Regier.  Both in Stainless Steel.

Watchmen premiered tonight, so I’m now allowed to release shots of the sets with our sculpture on them.  So far reviews for the flick vary from high praise to perplexity, which probably means it’s a good film.  I’ll likely see it this weekend.  We’ll have a lot of press coming out on it.  The first ran today in The Pitch, by Justin Kendall.

 collins bronze.jpg

 Atomic Flower, Bronze, Brent Collins.

collins wood.jpg

 Hyperbolic Hexagon, Hardwoods, Brent Collins.

I know, the sets seem a bit stiff.  But that serves a purpose, these being rooms from Dr. Manhattan’s home.  That will all make sense when you see the flick.  As for the photos themselves, this was before they were color-corrected.

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