Saw Milk with beautiful Brown Eyes this weekend.  Damn, what a flick.  Still amazed by how skillfully, and with such depth, that Sean Penn portrayed the role.  One hell of an actor.  Really the whole cast was flawless.  Some of my mentors, who were gay, would have been deeply moved, given the injustices they endured for most of their lives.  Those guys are mostly gone now, but I still remember how excited they were when Brideshead aired on PBS in the early ’80s.  It was like vindication for all they had suffered.  I remember equally how they wept when Harvey Milk was assassinated.

I suppose for those who are politically active in any worthy cause, there are many costs.  One of the first is the impact on their personal lives.  One of the others is for how they’re attacked, and attacked, and attacked–until after they are dead.  Then, if they proved wise, they finally are celebrated.  Rather like a life in the arts.

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