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Recently read The Great Deluge, about Katrina, the attending disaster in New Orleans, and the criminal lack of response on the part of the Bush Administration, Mayor Ray Nagin, and a host of others.  It seemed to fit in with our trip. 

Prior to that read Jack, which I found a realistic appraisal of Kennedy, rather than the sentimental nonsense we’re usually fed.  In other words, it was straightforward about his old man and how the money was really made, how that money made Kennedy’s political career possible, then how he grew beyond it and became a real leader when the moment called for it.  The book doesn’t go past the tragedy of the assassination, as that isn’t its purpose.  It simply assesses the man, both his weaknesses and his strengths, and does it well.  Great read.

Now reading All The President’s Men.  Disturbing, but not in the least surprising–and actually mild compared to what goes on in many other countries.  Why it took me 35 years to get around to it, I don’t know.  One thing’s for sure: a betrayal of public office on this scale must never be allowed to happen again.  Of course it probably already has.  Either way, what a bunch of pathetic crooks.  Do you suppose that DC robs everyone of dignity, and integrity, in the same way?  One would hope not. 

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