Raquetball, Dinner and Holiday Sales


Beat my sons last night in raquetball.  Decent set of games, but I only beat them by a few points.  Matter of time before the score’s reversed, but I’ll enjoy these days as long as they last–which if I have it my way will be quite awhile yet.  We deflated afterward in the sauna–a good place to sit and talk about nothing.

Dinner later at JJ’s with Brown Eyes and friends.  More parties this week, then maybe I’ll leave town for awhile.  Need to blow this joint and go someplace peaceful to write.

Art?  We sold fairly well over the Holidays, but like everyone, sales are off this year.  The recession is settling in for real, and will force a lot of retail businesses to close.  Fortunately we have plenty of work, so all is good.

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