Installation of Cohen Sculpture Begins


Have started installation of the sculpture Matt Kirby created in honor of the late Bart Cohen: Pierced Sky.  Began morning by meeting my favorite boom operator, Jerry, at the shop in KCK where we had the spar painted (this is only one element out of dozens).


Trucked spar to the site at 103rd and Metcalf, where Matt met us, and we proceeded to rig it in place.  The piece weighs 3000 lbs, and didn’t want to hang vertically, so this took some doing, but that’s what I dig about rigging.


The tolerances on the base-plate holes only allowed for 1/16″ of slop, so we had to torque the piece down the final two inches.  Matt and Jerry took their turns on the big wrenches, then I took mine.  Job went smoothly, and everyone still had all their digits by morning’s end–always a sign of success when rigging.


We’ll finish install over the course of the next week.

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