Illuminations Media, Brits on the Fourth

7[1]- Lucie Portrait 3-795309.jpg

Illuminations Media, a British outfit, sent a film crew through town recently on a coast-to-coast jaunt called Art Race.  From what I gather, this will be produced as a Reality Show sometime in the fall.  It will air on Gallery HD. 

They interviewed me for a bit, covering the various ways in which I waste time, but more importantly they spent a couple of days with one of my clients–which wound being a wonderful experience for all.  This centered around an exceptional American painter, Kenny Harris, who is traveling with the crew, a painting he executed for my clients (in progress, above), and the great time that everyone had together over the course of two days.  I love it when things like that transpire.

More details after they’ve finished their race.  For now, it’s the Fourth.  I’m going to hit the rollerblade paths with a friend, later a barbecue, still later blow off some works with my sons, and see if I can’t find some Brits to tease.

New Client


I always dig working with new clients.  In this case, they chose paintings by Louie Copt, Kim Casebeer and Derrick Breidenthal.  Had to rearrange the existing collection a bit to make it all work, but things came together beautifully.  What you can’t see is a red-and-black Chihuly off to one side.  I’m having a custom pedestal built for that piece.


A good day, all in all.