Seminar in Denver

I’m teaching a Career Seminar this Sat at Meininger’s Art Supply in Denver.  Am told I’ll have a classroom full of artists.  What will we cover? Everything, especially all the career aspects they’re almost never taught in art school. It’s unfortunate really, how every year 1000s of artists graduate as first-rate painters and sculptors, but without a clue as to how to structure a viable career. No one teaches it because no one knows how to unless they’ve run a gallery. I find that no matter what age the artists are, 25 or 65, they’re hungry for this information. Well, I dig walking them through it.

Meininger’s is a huge place on Broadway in midtown. Been around since the late nineteenth century. I didn’t realize so many of those gold miners were artists, but Denver’s always been full of surprises. Looking forward to it, after passing time in Santa Fe and Moab. Want to do some rafting, a little mountain-biking, and a lot of hiking. Oh yeah, and bourbon in the evenings with Brown Eyes and old friends.

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