Book Review in ArtisSpectrum Mag


Living the Artist’s Life was reviewed, favorably, in ArtisSpectrum last month (of course I wouldn’t mention it if it wasn’t favorable).  This is a New York magazine centered in Chelsea, an area that fascinates me but that I also give a hard time for occasionally getting carried away with elitism. 

There’s a Regional Renaissance taking place all over America right now.  Savvy dealers in NY are aware of this, and work with it.  Elitists blinded by snobbery refuse to acknowledge it (you know, if it’s west of the Hudson…) and as a result are not only missing out, but restricting cultural growth instead of feeding it.

My job?  To help ensure that artists west of the Hudson break out anyway, whether in NY or elsewhere.  The article, if you’re curious, begins on pg 34. 

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