Opening for Gloria Baker Feinstein

Gloria auction piece.jpg

We’re hosting an opening Friday night for photographer Gloria Baker Feinstein.  As with last year, this will in part be a fund-raiser for the St. Mary Kevin Orphanage in Uganda, where she travels each fall to document the lives of the kids there.  She does this in concert with the Change The Truth foundation.  Is the show depressing?  Quite the opposite: it’s uplifting yet honest, and never sentimental.  It also shows Gloria’s skill in capturing figure.

The Star’s Bob Butler did an Article on the Show today, as well as on Lynne Melcher’s documentary about the orphanage.  The film will air tonight at Screenland, and we’ll show parts of it tomorrow as well.

The upshot?  We’ll help clothe, feed and educate another group of kids.  I dig it when art can achieve things like that.

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