Hannah and Her Sisters and the Jewish Renaissance


Watched Hannah and Her Sisters with Brown Eyes the other night.  Hadn’t seen it since ’87.  Forgot how utterly charming, hilarious, and touching the flick is.  Some of my favorite scenes?  Woody Allen trying to convert to Catholicism.  Woody Allen getting a brain scan.  Woody Allen talking with the Hare Krishnas.  Woody Allen finding salvation in a Marx Brothers movie.  Also Michael Caine in any scene, or the three sisters in any scene.  Lord, such brilliance.  Timeless in a way that Annie Hall will never be.  Allen, when he was at his best, was incomparable. 

As I told my sons, he in a sense represented the tail end of the Jewish Renaissance, that great creative period that was born out of dire necessity shortly after the Holocaust, and brought great wonders in all disciplines.  Is it still going on?  I don’t know.  We’ll need another 50 years to figure that out.

None of this has a thing to do with Allen and the marital scandal.  That’s his business, not mine.

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