Wood-Fired Saunas and Cattle Tanks

See the cattle tank?  See painter Louie Copt breaking the ice off the water in the tank?  See the dudes in the sauna?  This comprised our Friday night, after openings in The Crossroads.


Louie has a great place in the country near Lawrence; sauna out back.  He heats it with a pot-belly stove big enough for a house, meaning the temperature hovers around 225.  So when you can’t take the heat anymore, you go outside and immerse yourself in a tank full of 30-degree water, then have a heart attack.


Next to Louie is good old Steve Dickey, professor of Slavic languages at KU.  Fluent in Russian, Serbo-Croation and German.  How anyone can speak that many languages is beyond me; I’m still working on English. 

These guys used to be pinups; don’t know what happened.

2 thoughts on “Wood-Fired Saunas and Cattle Tanks

  1. Paul,

    You have such an interesting life with a palette full of colorful people (witty art reference, huh?).

    Is there something in the water in Kansas?

  2. Thanks. Only because I hate sittin still, which is frankly a weakness.

    What’s in the water? Bourbon, when I drink it. Well used to be. I abandoned it recently in favor of red wine. Taking up yoga and meditation as well. Seems a whole crop of people are trying to civilize me.

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