KCPT Interview Tonight


Interview this evening on the Program One On One, 9:00, Channel 19.  This is Victor Hogstrom’s show.  He’s the CEO of KC Public Television, and periodically interviews different people in the arts, business, education, etc.  Great guy with surprising questions.  You can tell me later if I blew it.  How he manages to fund public television, which I consider a cultural hub in any region, is something beyond me, but I’m grateful that he consistently pulls it off.  KCPT has fantastic patrons, both corporate and private; indicative of where we’re going in the arts.

I resume writing the Friday Tips Column next week.  Happy New Year meantime.  Go easy on the headaches.

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  1. With the notion that ‘the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates’, it is obvious that, although you are not a painter, you paint your own life portrait every day, and although not a sculptor, you sculpt your life into the image you imagine. In essence, we are all artists, and we are our art (say that real fast ten times).

    You do well, grasshopper.

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