Friday Tips: Block Documentary Now Online


Many of you asked last summer when would the  documentary, Art on the Block, be online?  Well it’s recently been loaded onto You Tube, and can be viewed on Our Site.

This is a highly praised short film (19 min) that documents how I took a group of regional artists, and brought together a world-class collection at H&R Block.  I insisted that Block not spend the money at galleries in NY or LA.  Love those towns though I do, my job is to help build culture in the provinces.  If I lived in Hartford, Dallas, or Sacramento, I would have done the same thing. 

My point?  Phenomenal talent exists in all regions; you just have to give it a chance.  The documentary only covers pieces by 10 artists who did site-specific work.  However we acquired works by 65 artists for the structure.

There are also a couple of interviews from my book tour, but those are a waste of time.

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