Completed Glass for Sumner Academy Artists



These are the Sumner Academy Artists who Tom Bloyd taught to blow art glass, in a program I arranged and that University of Kansas Hospital financed.  These dudes and chicks are a bunch of punks, but as you can see, they’re pretty happy with their glass.  Well, so is the art consultant.  In fact I think you could say he’s very proud.

Tom of course is one of the glass artists who worked on the Sprint Center Project.

2 thoughts on “Completed Glass for Sumner Academy Artists

  1. That is great!
    Glad to see you working w/ these kids. As a Sumner Academy graduate it is good to see things like this happening. I got to hang out w/ Harriet Bigham and Mr. Mobley back in the day. We had Hugh Merrill come work w/ us and then we were able to use the presses over at the KCAI. These were great memories for me and I’m sure these will be great for the current group.
    Thanks for giving back.
    Todd F.

  2. Todd: It’s an honor to give to these great kids. To me, talent is equally distributed among racial and socio-economic lines, as are intelligence and ability; I’m just trying to drive that message home to kids in all the high schools I work with. They seem to get it.

    You must have had a great experience with Hugh Merrill and the others to remember it so well. That says a lot for what they did. Cool. Nothing like giving back.


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