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Yeah I know, this ain’t Friday.  But I wanted to remind you gentle readers that I’ll be returning to duty on 1/4.  In the meantime, I was so moved by Gloria Baker Feinstein’s Photographic Journey to Uganda, that I wanted to pass on how she documented it in her blog.

The orphanage where she stayed–St. Mary Kevin–is one where most of the kids have AIDS.  I know I don’t need to elaborate on the challenges they face, in a place where life is harsh enough without the onslaught of this disease.

Gloria took with her several artists to work with the kids, so we can bring the kids’ paintings back, hold an opening at the gallery in conjunction with Gloria’s work, and hopefully raise significant $ for the orphanage.  We raised some decent jack last year; hope to do much better this.

I bring this up in the current season, because so many people around us are obsessing over the material, sometimes forgetting the more enduring issues of life.  This is hardly a novel observation, nor one that any of you haven’t made.  But as I sell art to my clients, and buy gifts for loved ones, I think often of those kids in Uganda–and places similar– then remind myself just how bloody fortunate I am, even with the challenges of an artist.

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  1. Paul,

    Thank you for calling our work in Uganda to the attention of your readers. It was an amazing trip and one that will no doubt further the support we have been able to gather thus far for the children at St. Mary Kevin Orphanage.

    I did want to clarify one thing, however. Of the 150 orphans, not all have been tested for HIV, and of those who have, only about 10% are positive. Yes, it’s true that most of these kids have lost one or both parents to AIDS, but we are not sure yet just how many of the them are positive. It is expensive (a relative term, to be sure) to do the testing, so not have been granted that opportunity. They do suffer from things like malaria and diarrhea, and while we were there we saw a fair amount of ringworm and heard lots of coughing. The sanitary conditions are awful, and medical care is next to nonexistent. So, even if they aren’t HIV positive, they certainly have their share of problems.

    Lack of food turns out to be a major deal, and that is one area that Change the Truth intends to address more aggressively now.

    Again, I really appreciate your unwavering support of this project. And now that you have your very own pen pal at the orphanage, you will begin to hear about it all all firsthand!

    Warm wishes,


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