Gloria Feinstein’s Last Day in Uganda


This is the last day for photographer Gloria Baker Feinstein, and friends, at the St. Mary Kevin Orphanage in Uganda.  I urge you all to go to her Blog and view the exceptional shots she took of the kids, and participating artists.

Above, Kansas City painter Lonnie Powell and some of his rascals.

2 thoughts on “Gloria Feinstein’s Last Day in Uganda

  1. Good Morning,
    I enjoy your Blog (and the links you suggest such as Gloria Baker Feinstein’s blog above) from Indiana – I’m in grad school and that gets kind of isolating sometimes! Your Blog is always a good study break- so thanks for that world connection that you provide me, and the work you do promoting artists and their work.

    I’m going to be in KC during the holidays and I’m wondering if the gallery’s going to be open in he days after Christmas and if you’ve got any exhibits up at that time?

    thanks and happy holidays

  2. Michelle: Glad you enjoy it. I know that feeling of isolation; went through it my last year in college. Bit of a drag, but worth it later.

    Sure, we’ve always got something up. Just drop by.


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