Glass Sculpture Installation at Sprint Center: Finis




Photos Above by Chad Sogas of KYDJ


All right.  At last the sculpture is finished, all 3000 lbs hanging from the ceiling, and my crew and I exhausted.  We’re lying low today, taking few calls, preparing to go to the gym and soak in the hot tub.  Business as usual again tomorrow.

It took 6 months to complete this piece, from the design phase, to the engineering issues, to the blowing of the first plate, to the hanging of the last.  Am I pleased?  Very.  How will the public respond?  I think similarly.  They’ll sense how the artists poured their sweat and talent into this thing; normally work of that integrity resonates well.

Again, the artists: Drew Hine, Jason Forck, Tom Bloyd, Janine Daniels.

Designers: Ed Tranin and meself.

Installers:  Jeremie Hoffman, Martin Cail, Denny Dorrell, Josh Dorrell, Ian Cook, and meself.

Thanks to everyone, including University of Kansas Hospital (who sponsored the piece), and Sprint Center.  Without that joint effort, this never would have happened.

Now for the sauna.

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