Glass Sculpture Installation at Sprint Center: Day 5




One of my installers fell ill today, so I filled in.  Hence:  

Top View:  Ably assisted by Jeremie Hoffman while trusting, at 40′ off the floor, that I rigged the freaking safety harness correctly.  Must have; it worked when I fell.

Middle View:  Interview (man, I guess I really do have a horse face).

Bottom View: 75% complete.

4 thoughts on “Glass Sculpture Installation at Sprint Center: Day 5

  1. It’ll be online sometime this week. I’ll link to it. The piece is finished now; photos later today.

    Thanks for the complement. I’d like to think that what we do is original, but the people who really make me hold my breath are everyday teachers who take young muttonheads as I was in high school, and try to make something of us. That’s sometimes quite a job, especially at the salary they get.

  2. Just dropping in to let you know you have an interesting site. I hope you’ll continue to work on it. Wishing you all the best.

  3. I really like the layout and colors that you chose for this website! It certainly is incredible! :)

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