Kate Spade, Bill Zahner, and the Entrepreneur of the Year Award


Woman With Handbag, Oil on Panel, Richard Raney


Hemisphere, Stainless Steel, Arlie Regier

We’re holding a reception this evening for patrons of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award, which was covered yesterday by the KC Star.  I was asked if I’d bring together a group of artists who might create works relevent to this year’s event, which will be held at Crown Center and attended by about 1000.  Recipients include designer Kate Spade and sheet metal genius Bill Zahner.

Some of the works that the 11 artists are contributing are relevant to the issue at hand, such as Richard Raney’s painting at top, and Arlie Regier’s sculpture beneath.  Others are born of pure inspiration.  Many can be seen at this Link.  All works will be sold via silent auction at the banquet on 10/8 as a fund-raiser for the program, sponsored by the Bloch School of Business.

Is this an honor?  Sure.  Even so, my rules apply to this auction as they do to all of them: minimum bid reflects market value, and the artists receive 50% after their work sells.  That I feel is a winning approach for everyone.

No matter where you live, there are likely similar institutions in the area.  Please explore them.  It’s a good way to get your work out there, and meet prospective clients.  Just remember what I said about minimum bid.

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