Tom Bloyd and the New OP Community Center


Here’s a shot of good old Tom Bloyd, in his 120-degree studio, after completing a few pieces for install next week at the Matt Ross Community Center.  I expect you want to know what he’s creating?  Well it’s birds of a sort, and yet not really.  And no, the interpretations are not sentimental.  This is one of those gigs where you have to appeal to adults, yet fascinate kids.  By the way that’s a nest lower right; a hawk by Tom’s left shoulder. 

I love summer heat: 90, 95, 100.  It’s great for Blading, jogging, swimming…  But man, to work in a glass studio all day at 120–you gotta be tough.  Tom is, though he doesn’t act it.  And that’s one definition of Cool. 

He’s assisted by his wife Julie, and Janine Daniels.  A very good crew.

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