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Taught the workshop yesterday at Pacific Art League in Palo Alto.  Great time.  I’d asked for 20 artists, and that’s how many we had.  As usual we started out in a classroom, by mid-day I tired of that, and moved everyone outdoors.  In this case, that was a shaded patio on the top floor.  So we dug on the California sun as I taught, as everyone asked questions, and as I also learned from the artists.  I mean I can’t think of a single seminar I’ve conducted, where I didn’t learn something new from the crowd before me.  That’s when teaching is at its best–when the learning is mutual.

God I do dig CA.  But I’m a Midwesterner at heart.  Time to go home soon.

2 thoughts on “Pacific Art League

  1. The hours flew by yesterday at your workshop. Thanks for your advice and ideas and encouragement. I have a suggestion – you should open a gallery here in Northern California! Want to see my portfolio? Wishing you the best. Marian

  2. Marian: Thanks. Very glad you enjoyed yourself. I did as well. Unlikely that I’ll be opening a gallery here, much as I love the place. However I had an interesting brunch yesterday that may lead to significant opportunities for Bay Area artists. Involves an area corp. Will keep you and everyone else posted.

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