Drunks at Openings

Derrick Breidenthal opening last night. I was pleased. Good turnout, good sales. The most amusing thing? At 6:30 this bleary-eyed dude that no one knew came stumbling in and headed straight for the wine. He got a glass of red, seated himself in the window, and proceeded to drink his way through the evening, getting up periodically to refill.

Yeah he was drunk, but he was a charming drunk. Every once in awhile someone would sit down to chat with him, including me. Had perfect English. Very well educated. I kind of dug having him around. Don’t doubt he’ll show up for the next opening. Will I chuck him? Nay. It’s better to just let guys like that stay, and act like all is cool.

2 thoughts on “Drunks at Openings

  1. Yes, I’ve encountered similar folks over the years. The most recent one that comes to mind was a skinny bleary-eyed young man who could rhapsodize on and on about various art movements. Was dressed in a white shirt, used tux jacket, and ragged jeans and tennis shoes. Ate, drank, drank some more. Never disclosed his name. Maybe he was a famous artist.

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