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I know many of you must be wondering about last night’s turnout, so I’m taking a minute to post these photos.  We went through just over 400 bodies, and god knows how many bottles of wine.  Only one drunk, but he behaved himself.  I let the friendly drunks stay.

Sales?  Now you know it’s uncouth to discuss those things, but we did well.

Laughs?  Many.  Vibe?  High energy.  Artists and clients?  Ecstatic.  Director?  Absolutely exhausted.  The funniest part?  We were still hanging track light on the lower level when people began flooding in.  Well, you just make a joke about those things, and they tend to work out.

Now?  Put my office together and get back to biz.  I have several projects to oversee, and dozens more to finish landing.  But lord it’s nice to have this thing done.  Working with this incredible space, I know we can finish achieving what I originally set out to, 16 years ago.  Intend to have a positive impact on multiple lives along the way.  Otherwise, what’s the point?  Profit only?  That ain’t good enough.

15 thoughts on “New Space 100% Complete / Grand Opening

  1. Mr. Dorrell, I have been reading your blog for a while, I think I read about your gallery on ArtBiz. Congratulations on finishing your new gallery space and for your wonderful opening. Looks like things are and will be going great.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and allowing us to accompany you on your journey.


  2. Paul:

    “Dreams are the seeds of reality”/pc
    Consider yourself a successful farmer!

    Best wishes for continued inspired dreaming and great success in your new space….Peter Cohen

  3. Paul,

    The feeling of accomplishing a dream by taking a risk is so overwhelmingly positive, I am so glad you didn’t postpone your dream and your future successes by taking this adventure. It will be interesting to see what wonderful things will come to you because of taking this action step that will lead to more successes for you.

  4. Where is this wonderful space? I would hate to miss a visit to you and your fabulous gallery if I were anywhere near it in my travels. Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations on your new gallery and successful opening. Looks like a good time was had by all.

    Your artists are very lucky to have you and your gallery on their side. That goes for your community also.

    Best wishes.

  6. Thanks to all of you for your kind words, and appreciation. The establishment of this gallery was, in the early years, one hell of a struggle. I had to make sacrifices, my family had to make sacrifices, and so did my artists. But all worked out.

    Nellie: we’re in Kansas City, on the Missouri side. But I live on the Kansas side just to make things complicated.

  7. It truly was a wonderful reception and celebration of a beautiful new space for the Leopold Gallery. I dropped by four hours prior to the opening and found crew and staff working frantically. Thinking the task looked impossible, I was amazed at the transformation when I returned at “show time”. Wow! It was a pleasure to be there for the event, a delight to meet artists represented by the gallery, and is very much an honor to have work there. Thanks and kudos to Paul, staff, and crew.

  8. Congrats Paul! Sorry I was not able to make the opening of the new space. Looks like I really missed out! Pics look great, can’t wait to see it in person soon! :)

  9. It was a wonderful opening! You got a huge crowd! And I love the fact that it’s next to Baskin Robbins. Art and ice cream on a Friday night– it doesn’t get much better than that!

  10. Thanks for coming. Good seeing you again. Yeah, Baskin Robbins is all right, but I’m a little bigger on the presence of Hooper’s at the opposite end of the block. Guess my taste for bourbon supercedes my taste for ice cream.

  11. Hey DOE,
    Sorry I didn’t make it Friday for the Grand Opening but it looks like it was a great success. My son Garrett and I came by Saturday and in his words, “Wow, Dad, this is the coolest place!”. I believe he hit it exactly right. Nice layout, room to grow, and a great mix of unique styles should make anyone want to come back for more. I think this location combined with your spirit and wit will do all well that come your way.

  12. Lester: Damn sorry I missed you and the little rascal. Bring him by again, but please call first to make sure I’m around. And bring the Gandy too, will you? I owe her a lunch and a hug, not least for all she put up with from us.

  13. I saw Keith and the rest of the family over Easter. I’m sorry I missed your opening. I’m so proud of what you have accomplished. Keep up the great work. And keep that little brother of mine busy and out of trouble. Hee, Hee…

  14. Please drop by when you can.

    Keeping your brother out of trouble is proving to be something of a challenge, but not quite like the 70s.

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