Chris Cooper / Breach

Saw Breach with my wife last night, at the newly renovated Ranch Mart Theater.  This is where I saw Saturday matinees as a kid for fifty cents.  I mean we must have seen Bullitt 50 times there.  And when we didn’t have the dough for a flick, we’d drop a string of firecrackers down the Exit stairwell.  Man you shoulda seen the ushers come flying out looking to kick some ass.  We outran them every time, laughing.

Chris Cooper is flawless is this role.  For maybe the second time in his career, he was allowed to step outside of typecasting, as in Adaptation, and do something truly great.  Kansas City can be proud of this dude.  Laura Linney also is flawless.  Ryan Phillippe?  He’s still young, and has an unremarkable style.  But he can improve with time.  Remember, they all used to laugh at Eastwood.  Either way, the Robert Hansson story is appropriately bizarre.  The bad part?  I’ve known guys like this.

Some gin joint in downtown O.P. after.  Left at 11:00.  Up till 2:00 after.  Yeah, I dig Saturday night.  But who don’t?

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  1. chris cooper is an acting god! i didn’t like the movie “A Time to Kill” but will tune in every time just to see him at the trial as the sherrif giving testimony about losing his leg.

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