The Gallery at Southern Oregon University / The Coast in ’77


Fine gallery on the campus here.  Nice mix of styles, with a better representation of fiber art than I normally see in the Midwest, but that fits with Oregon.  Great, laid-back feel on campus too.  Maybe too laid back.  I’m a little old fashioned: always believed a campus was for discipline first, partying after.  Did I actually adhere to that philosophy when I was 20?  Well, I’ll believe it if you will. 

Plenty of coffee joints everywhere in town.  Fine by me, seeing as I’m an addict.  No Granola joints, but that thing’s in the very air.  Quite charming actually.  Healthy change of attitude from KC.  I think that’s what first drew me to this region, when I blasted out here on a bike in the summer of ’77, to wander the length of the coast, picking up what work I could.  Loved it then.  Love it still. 

Always returned to the Midwest though, to soak again in its aura of common sense.  I like a balance between the two regions.  I also like how, in the hot springs out here, the bathers always go naked.  Somehow I have a hard time seeing that in Iowa.


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