Quiet Day / Inner-City Gifts


I like the quiet of the house on Christmas morning, when no one else is yet awake. Take a quick jog, walk the dogs, make the espresso, set out some gifts. Not too many gifts. I’ve never been one for American excess, and don’t want my family to acquire that addiction either. Since our sons are virtually grown, I can safely say they haven’t.

One of the best parts of the day? Taking gifts to elderly folks on the East Side–people who have very little. You should see them light up when we come to the door. I’ve been doing this with my kids since they were old enough to reason, and it’s always helped them keep things in perspective on this day. The place they’re standing in front of is a run-down joint on McGee, filled with 10 floors of aged tenants, many of whom were formerly homeless. This was our last of 8 stops.

Dinner later with the relatives, then a movie. My wife voted for Pursuit of Happyness, my sons for Casino Royale. Me? I’ll just go with the flow.

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