Judith Regan Fired / Max Perkins, Where Art Thou?


Ok, so they finally got around to firing Judith Regan–after backing her on her 3.5 million dollar book deal with O.J., then pretending they had nothing to do with it. This, in the parlance of World War II vets, is pure chicken shit.

It’s not that I approve of Regan, her deals, her bosses, or any of the other scourges of her ilk. They have effectively ruined publishing for serious writers, shutting them out in favor of the O.J.s, the Paris Hiltons, the Madonnas. What this has done to our society is so obviously pathetic, and dangerous, that it’s not worth crying over anymore. Far more amusing to sit back and watch these barbarians go about their destruction, while lining their accounts (as if that will bring them to nirvana in the end).

Yeah it’s disgusting, but you have to admit it’s also pretty funny. What gets me though is the way they fired her: accusing her of anti-Semitism after she complained about her bosses forming a “Jewish cabal against her–those same bosses who earlier approved all of her moves. I can’t say whether she’s anti-Semitic or not, but I can say that those bosses–who undoubtedly include WASPS and Catholics–should offer to put their heads on the guillotine with her (faux guillotine though it is). But that kind of moral courage in publishing these days is rare; I ain’t saying it doesn’t exist, just that it’s shouted down by these obstreperous mornons.

What the hell ever happened to editors like Max Perkins and Richard Simon? We could sure use their type now.

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