Service for Dustin


We had the service today for Dustin, the boy who passed earlier this week, and who I described on Tues.  That is he on the right, after one of our camping trips.  As I said before, he seemed an old soul, full of kindness and love.  I think he was simply done with his time here, and was ready to move on.  He went peacefully and quietly.

Absolutely beautiful service, with emphasis on how the soul never dies, and especially on the astounding wisdom, humor and compassion this boy embodied.  His mom asked me to speak, and read a poem by John Neihardt  (author of Black Elk Speaks), but I passed that responsibility on to my 18-year-old son, who handled it flawlessly.  Then several people got up and told stories about Dustin–his quirkiness, his humor, all the stunts he pulled.  This was greatly healing for his family, girlfriend, and friends in general.  A nice way to send him off.  Now I feel I can concentrate again, though the missing him will go on for a very long time.

Service was held at Unity Temple on the Plaza, where my wife and I were married, and where I gave my first signing.  Dustin, being an artist, would have dug that.

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