Moab II / Mountain Bikes / Ancient Art


Absolutely the craziest mountain-biking I have ever done.  We did a 14-mile loop today in this country.  Temperature was 85 when we started, 105 when we finished.  Everyone thoroughly thrashed, and man how I love it.  Recovered poolside.

There’s quite an art to serious mountain-biking.  I’d like to think my sons and I made a dent in it today.  Caught air several times.  Nothing like the pros, but it was ok for a bunch of novices.

There’s all kinds of art I dig in this town, especially the ceramic.  But I think I dig the petroglyphs in Arches most.  So cool to think of when they were first painted, and what the artists were like who painted them.  No, those folks didn’t need a gallery.

Screenplay goes well.  Up to page 90.  Hit a rough spot this morning that slowed me down–a patch of dialogue that has to express several things at once, and yet still flow strong and quick.  Spent an hour just getting two pages right.  Well, even rerwrites have their surprises.


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