Moab I


Canyonlands National Park, near Moab

Hit Moab this afternoon after a long drive through a winding canyon, where the highway followed the Colorado beneath 2000-foot cliffs.  Burning hot, dry, and exquisite.  Hiked for awhile in Canyonlands National Park–100 degree heat, red rocks, blue sky.  Everyone loved it.  A very good thing for inspiration.

Not much of an art scene in Moab, but a damn good mountain-bike scene, which is why we came.  Curious admixture of Granolas, Hispanics, and Cowboys.  Also a great Chinese guitarist in the restaurant where we ate tonight.  Man, you gotta love it.  Pure Americana.

Staying in some motel where John Wayne and John Ford used to stay when filming here in the 50s.  My sons very curious about that, and the attending details.  I let the motel staff fill them in.  Me?  I’ve got a screenplay to finish. 

Mountain biking in the canyon country tomorrow.

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