The Art Scene in Colorado / Whitewater


As you may know, the gallery scene in the tourism areas of CO is hot; has been for years.  How much contemporary work is being moved through these regions?  Very little.  How much traditional?  Truckloads.  How much of it would rank as work of true caliber?  Ah, tricky question.  I’ll get into all that in greater depth tomorrow.

Fine day here.  Whitewater rafting on the Colorado River, Levels III and IV.  Everyone got soaked, but no one got thrown overboard.  Damn good ride.  Hot springs in Glenwood after, just to get the body temperature back up.

Evening now, and I’m headed to my favorite coffee shop to work on the screenplay.  3rd draft.  Averaging about 18 pages per day–which isn’t so hard when you’re not constantly being interrupted by clients and artists.  Not their fault.  It’s up to me to find enough peace in which to write–and by god I have.  Will finish Act I tonight.  The mountain air is good for hard work.

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