Austin and the Dougherty Arts Center

A year ago, or so, I spoke at the Dougherty Arts Center in Austin. Now I really dug my tour of Texas: the Big Hair in Dallas, the Big Cars in Houston, the Alamo in San Antone. But Austin, man that was like coming home, like Berkley or Lawrence or Amherst–except better Tex-Mex.

Toured some studios before the talk, was taken out west to the Hill Country, shown the warehouse district, and inevitably the campus with The Tower, which you can never look at without thinking about that insane day in ’68.

But between the food, the coffee shops, the endless galleries and studios, I fell in love with that town. Now I know why so many people have moved there. Will I too? Naw. This is my home. But I’ll damned sure go back.

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