Carol Peacock Opening / Consultation

We have an opening for Carol Peacock tomorrow night, her first here. And though she’s somewhat new with us, the response has been strong already. I expect a good crowd. Will probably sell a lot of wine–I mean give it away. Simple exchange of values: you give the clients wine, they buy paintings.

Ninety-minute presentation for a new prospect today. If we work with them, I suspect they’ll be a great client. What’s it all about? Ah, later; let’s see if we get the gig. I can tell it will be a blast if we do.

My oldest son graduated high school last night, in the same freaking stadium that I did 31 years ago. Very proud of him, feel he has a promising future. Already written his first novel; now he’s on to screenplays. Beautiful, golden evening. Gave him license for the night; he and his buddies dragged in at 5:00, about the same time I did all those years ago, which still seems like yesterday. Did I worry? Nay. He’s got a good head; we helped ensure as much.

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