One Meeting, Thank god / New Proposal / Birthday Party with Coheed and Cambria

Today, only one meeting. Man, that meant I actually got a ton of work done instead of being committeed to death. Tomorrow, four meetings. Well, I tasted freedom for awhile anyway.

Worked on a plan for a new prospect, fueled by double cappuccinos. Complex, challenging, and sure as hell fun. Will dig it if she flies.

Screenplay writes beautifully. Always start my day with that–and no interruptions.

Now? Home. Birthday dinner for my 16-year-old. Celebrate his coming of age with gifts and gags. Great kid. Music: probably Coheed and Cambria, System of a Down. Oh boy. But he and his older brother will love it. And frankly these things are more important than all the art deals in the world–though those do pay for the CDs and guitars. Must remember that.

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