Bob Bigelow / Carol Peacock / Hot Rod Civic

I learned recently that Bob Bigelow, another major figure in the Children’s Sports Reform movement, is going to endorse my book Everybody’s Game. Bob is a retired NBA player, and wrote a great book a few years ago titled Just Let The Kids Play. He’s been on a lot of talk shows, and is a very popular public speaker. Having his endorsement is a great honor.

Picked up a new artist recently, Carol Peacock. That’s one of her oils at the top. Speaks for itself. Lives in Eureka Springs, AR. Think she’ll do just fine.

Have started the process of modifying my oldest son’s Civic. He complained last month that it was a dog. I said ok, then ordered a new exhaust system, intake system, ignition system, performance shocks, and mags. He pays for it; I’m the mechanic. We installed the hotter ignition today, wheels tomorrow, exhaust and intake next week. Hey man, he’s a senior. I want him to have a hot ride. This time in life only comes once. Damn thing’s going to be a little on the loud side, but so was my Roadrunner–and this gets far better gas mileage.

Took my wife to dinner last night at Lulu’s Noodles down on the Boulevard. Lord I love that part of town. Drinks and quiet conversation afterward at Hooper’s. Home at midnight, but didn’t get to sleep ’til 2:00. That’s a different, unquiet sort of conversation. My favorite kind.

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