Brejcha Installation / Doug Abrams / Children’s Sports Reform / Sidestepping The Machine

We finished an installation for the glass artist Vernon Brejcha this week. This piece is for a private collector, 7′ x 3.5′, 150 pieces of glass. In the top photo my oldest son is assisting Erin Holliday, a free-lance installer who worked out the design on how the piece would hang, and fabricated the armature. My son’s a pretty good installer too. Who knows? He may be assistant director someday.

This afternoon I have to install one of Kim Casebeer’s oils–30 x 40–for a private collector. Prior to that, I’ll have coffee with Doug Abrams. He’s one of the top figures in the Children’s Sports Reform Movement, is excited about my book Everybody’s Game, and wants to discuss it.

What’s going on with the book? Can’t tell if one of the big houses in NY is going to take it yet or not, but I can tell you that if they don’t do something soon, I will. Just as with Living the Artist’s Life, I’m not about to let the bureaucracy of The Machine prevent me from placing a work with the public–especially one that is so badly needed for reforms that are so badly needed. I know I can make a difference, and fully intend to. If I have to go around The Machine again, I will. And I’ll make it fly.

God I do love it. There are few things in life that have more bite than doing good work, and then getting that work launched.

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